The Creator


Hello, I am Jeremiah Smith. AKA Eclipse in-game and Jay in person.

I am a content creator, gamer, college student at North Carolina A&T State University studying Mechanical Engineering, and the founder of BLKHRZN.

I have been gaming since I was in diapers, from LeapFrog to now gaming on a PC. I started getting interested in gaming Competitively and doing content creation when I was around 12 when Titanfall came out on the Xbox. I looked around and did not see my reflection very often in the Gaming space. The one time I did was BasicallyIDoWrk aka Marcel Cunningham. I watched him in his success and sat and laughed at the end of the rough school days. And you know what, I loved it. And I started with the goal to do the same thing for others as he had done for me. Now, it's 8 years later in 2023 and I'm still going. I have worked at Cxmmunity, a non-profit organization focused on developing esports at HBCUs, and organized a fundraiser with Teamwrk foundation which raised over 11000 dollars and I got to meet my own personal content creation hero.

I created BLKHRZN to target those who couldn't afford to go to college, didn't feel like it was the right step for them, or wanted to continue after their college career while closing the massive gap in access, understanding, and investment within our community by us and others. I see our potential and want to make it happen.

We are the Culture in the US, everyone wants to be us. Why not make ourselves dominant in gaming too?